Let Chinese New Year Bring Out the Animal in You!

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2 of Swans

Valentine’s Day falls on the day of the sensual Pig. Party-loving, romantic Pig is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Relationships are very harmonious and people are at ease with each other. You can have success with very little effort, especially in romance. And the Sun makes a fortunate sextile to the Moon, adding luck for the opposite sex. So how does Valentine’s day bring out the animal in you?

Rat: Only the finest for you Rat! Rat is a true connoisseur and appreciates the best things life has to offer. A gourmet meal in the finest restaurant followed by a gift of expensive jewelry is perfect. So are airline tickets to a luxury resort. Nothing cheap or shabby will do if you want to bring out the passionate, creative, and smoldering side of the Rat.

Ox: Ox can be serious and is a hard worker, but loves the idea of taking a big break for Valentine’s day. Head to a hot tub, sauna, or spa to indulge in a relaxing full body massage. Or provide a massage in the privacy of your boudoir. And be sure to include lots of chocolate. Ox may may be slow to warm up, but once turned on is unstoppable!

Tiger: Tiger was born ready to go but is easily bored, so plan a fun and eventful evening with lots of activities. First cocktails at the hippest and most crowded hotspot in town to see and be seen, then dinner at the most popular bistro, then out for dancing til sunrise. A big night on the town turns Tiger into a purring pussycat.

Hare: Romance, candlelight, and intimate moments are what excites a Hare. A bouquet of beautiful flowers are a must, followed by a quiet dinner at a small, secret, out of the way little bistro. Read poetry while dining, then take a slow walk holding hands. Sensitive Hare will be ready to melt in your arms.

Dragon: Go big or go home for the mighty Dragon! Dress up and go out to the top hotspot in town to drink, dance, and really party. Flattery will get you everywhere with a Dragon so pile on the compliments all evening. Then Dragon will be on fire by night’s end. And be sure to show up with a huge bouquet or the biggest box of chocolates.

Snake: Elegant refined Snake loves understated elegance and luxury. You cannot miss with fine dining so make reservations at a restaurant known for it’s authentic cuisine. And Snakes love gifts so an elegant piece of jewelry is ideal. But nothing too gaudy or flashy because Snake is a class act. Then go home for a night cap, coil up, and squeeze!

Horse: Horse loves adventure and new experiences so Valentine’s Day activities must be unique and entertaining. The latest blockbuster movie, a horse ride along the beach or a motorcycle ride around town, then a dip in a hot tub or pool will keep Horse stimulated. For Horse, this is foreplay!

Sheep: Sheep loves romance and a quiet night of sincere conversation to feel love, appreciated, and cherished. Precious flowers such as orchids, a small box of artisan chocolates, or a book of romantic poetry make the best gifts. When Sheep feels cared for and nurtured then out comes their sensual passion.

Monkey: Variety is the spice of life so do the unexpected to get a Monkey excited. Start out with red roses, but then add a surprise. The more offbeat the better! Go to a restaurant featuring cuisine that’s new to the Monkey, or a wine tasting bar with many choices, and then or kick up your heels at a place you’ve never been before. Then Monkey is happy and ready for love.

Phoenix (Rooster): Plumage matters to the Phoenix so get dressed up, put on your dancing shoes, and go out for a night on the town. The perfect gift is a fine silk or cashmere scarf, gemstone necklace, or other luxury item of clothing. After partying all night in the spotlight, Phoenix won’t be tired but instead still raring to go!

Dog: Romantic Dog appreciates declarations of love and fidelity. Bring romantic flowers and chocolates, but focus only on your loved one as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist. As the world melts away and Dog is assured that they are the one and only, then they are putty in your hands.

Pig: Perfect for Pig is a big box of gourmet chocolates. Gourmand Pig loves really good food so definitely include cocktails and a meal at a nice restaurant. But Pig doesn’t really need anything too fancy. Fine to go home, turn on the TV, and snuggle. Once Pig is comfy and cozy, then the passion begins.

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